Marvel Masterworks Daredevil Vol 17 HC


The Marvel Masterworks collection of Daredevil continues, with more of Frank Miller's all-time great run!
The Marvel Masterworks caps off Frank Miller’s early-’80s writer/artist run on Daredevil with a volume that stands tall with the best comics of all time. In the aftermath of the death of Elektra, Matt Murdock is at a crossroads of his sanity. Obsessed with the idea that she might not really be dead, can he pull it together in time to stop the criminal machinations of the Kingpin and bring justice to Bullseye? Enter Black Widow to help the man she once loved more than any other — but she finds far more than she ever bargained for as the duo step in the midst of a duel between the Hand and the Chaste to resurrect Elektra.