Marvel-Verse Rocket & Groot


A collection of iconic stories featuring the two best pals from outer space - Rocket Raccoon and Groot!
Rocket and Groot are the most lovable duo in all of the Marvel-Verse — and these are some of their craziest adventures! One’s a furball packing firepower, and the other is a walking tree with a unique way with words. But for all their amazing abilities, can they entertain a group of alien scouts with a campfire story? A Friday night fight ensues when Rocket and Groot are recruited into Iron Man’s intergalactic football league, Groot finds himself worshipped by alien Vikings — and when things get competitive between Rocket and Groot, they find themselves in a war zone! Plus: During a trip to Earth, Rocket has a to-do list — but Groot has a very personal mission!

COLLECTING: Rocket Raccoon (2014) 5, Rocket Raccoon and Groot (2016) 4-6, Groot (2015) 6