Marvel-Verse Spider-Man and Madame Web


Learn about Madame Web, the powerful clairvoyant whose powers have aided Spider-Man's heroics throughout the Marvel Universe, before and after her film release in February 2024!
Spider-Man has many allies in the Marvel-Verse — but none other boasts the precognitive powers of the mysterious Madame Web! Cassandra Webb’s incredible future sight helps the webslinger thwart a criminal who schemes to take over Peter Parker’s current employer, the Daily Globe! But when the unstoppable Juggernaut sets out to kidnap Madame Web, can our friendly neighborhood hero stand in his way? Find out in one of the all-time great Spidey sagas! Years later, arachnid hero Julia Carpenter gains the skills of a seer and upholds the legacy of Madame Web! But when she foresees Peter trying to stop New York’s destruction 24 hours in the future, Julia has bad news for him — he will have to save the day alone!

Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 210, 229-230; Amazing Spider-Man (1999) 678-679