Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur Menace on Wheels


The latest adventure Lunella Lafayette, smartest in the Marvel Universe who fights as Moon Girl with her T-Rex partner Devil Dinosaur
Being a pre-teen super hero is hard. Doing it when your parents finally know about it is even harder. Good thing Lunella Lafayette (aka Moon Girl, Inhuman super-genius) has a plan to keep heroing. To provide herself with the perfect alibi, she organizes a roller derby team of other Inhuman kids! It’s just supposed to be an excuse to get out of the apartment with all her super hero gear in tow, but it turns out to be kind of…fun? That is, until one of the other kids on the team, an influencer called OMG Olivia, has far more nefarious plans than blocking other skaters. Can Moon Girl and her trusty T-Rex sidekick Devil Dinosaur take on Olivia and her army of mind-controlled kids before the threat spreads beyond the Lower East Side?

COLLECTING: Moon Girl (2022) 1-5