Netrunner Living Card Game Kala Ghoda Data Pack


Kala Ghoda is the first pack in the mumbad cycle of data for Android: Netrunner, which introduces gamers to Indian the future of the Union, the most populous democracy on the planet and generally a hopeful, dynamic place. Its largest megapolis, mumbad, is home to many of the world's greatest technological advances, and while there are still vast differences between the nation's richest people and its poorest, they are no longer separated by the specter system from the breed. In theory, the programmed Castes are Relics of history, but everyday life recognizes two: human and Android. Now, like the Draw Near elections, a question consumes the iu and defines its most heated debates: should clones be granted full citizenship? Kala ghoda presents sixty new cards (including a full playset of nineteen different cards) that explores this issue and hectic politics rises, even as it transports the body game and into the corridors for the Massive, sprawling megapolis of mumbad, stretching from Mumbai in the south to Ahmedabad in the north. Here, the Heated political environment leads to new opportunities for all seven of the game's factions, and stops at nothing to make sure their most lucrative Jinteki product remains just that: One product.