Numenera Slaves of Machine God


A failed assassination of the Amber Pope. An ancient army awaiting activation. Sixteen adventures in two exciting campaigns to interweave, run separately, or use as standalone adventures. An automaton army led by a mad delve could topple cities, nations, and even the Amber Papacy itself. Elsewhere, an Amber Gleaners waystation is found burned and deserted. Slaves of the Machine Gods contains two story arcs in eight parts each. They interweave to create a rich, multithemed campaignor can be run separately as two multi-adventure mini-campaigns. Most of the parts also work well as standalone adventures, providing a dozen full-sized adventures the GM can insert into any ongoing campaign.

  • The first adventure product for Numenera in almost four years—gamers are hungry for this!
  • An epic hardcover adventure title. 144 pages of great content keeps gamers playing (and buying) Numenera for the better part of a year.
  • Ties in to the new rules and modes of play presented in Numenera Destiny. Gamers who haven’t picked up that second core title will come back in to get it!
  • Beautiful art, legendary production values, and unique ideas will convert book-flippers into purchasers.
  • From the mind of famed RPG adventure designer Bruce R. Cordell.