Pocket Farkel Red


A classic and family favorite, Farkel is the game that everyone wants to play. Now you can with this edition of Farkel that’s easy to take anywhere. Farkel is a high-score game in which players roll dice for points. You roll six dice, remove only the dice you want to use for points, then either re-roll the remaining dice for more points or pass the dice to the next player. With easy to learn instructions, Farkel is just the thing to get everyone playing. Taking just minutes to learn, Farkel can be played hours on end with laughter and competitiveness. Combining both math skills and attentiveness, Farkel is a perfect way to challenge the knowledge of all your guests in a fun and engaging way. Recommended for anyone ages 8 and up. Gameplay lasts 15 or more minutes.

Dice Cup Package is red with coordinating dice.