Quacks of Quedlinburg


In a fun theme for both younger gamers and adults, in Quacks of Quedlinburg, each player is a charlatan (quack doctor) looking to sell the best mystery potion in Quedlinburg during the nine day festival of health. As a quack, you have your own bag of ingredients (chips). During each turn, you blindly draw ingredients out of your bag and add them to your brew pot. The higher the value of the ingredient, the more your potion is worth - but be wary of pushing your luck too far as your pot may explode!

At the end of each round, players gain victory points and coins to spend on new ingredients to add to their bags, depending on the strength of the ingredients in their pots. But players with exploded pots must choose points or coins — not both! The player with the most victory points at the end of nine rounds wins the game.