Rook & Raven GM Kit Star Wars

$10.00 $19.99

  • Party Snapshot Sheets (x3)
    Have all of your players’ stats at your fingertips
  • Conflict Sheets (x8)
    Prepare your conflicts ahead of time, and have your adversary’s stats within easy reach (not to mention an easy-to-use initiative slot tracker)
  • Major Conflict Sheets (x4)
    For when you need a little more room for all the mayhem your nemesis can unleash
  • Ship Conflict Sheets (x3)
    Have full ship stat blocks ready and waiting to put your party’s Ace to the test
  • Wet-Erase Plastic Overlays (x2)
    Take your encounter spread to the next level by using wet-erase pens for things that change often, like which side gets which initiative slot or how many minions are still standing