Rotating Card Tray for 6 Decks


Play Your Cards Right

A must-have accessory for game night. Whether drawing or discarding, card trays cut the clutter and keep your games moving. Spend less time straightening piles and more time planning your next move, taking tricks, or dishing out wild cards! Made of durable, scratch-resistant clear acrylic, our Elite card trays feature a proprietary 360-degree swivel for a smooth, consistent spin, providing easy access no matter where your seat at the table is.

Why You'll Love It

We've rebuilt the classic rotating tray from the ground-up. This is a proprietary mold with a proprietary swivel base that spins smoother for longer. And unlike other card trays with glued bases, you are freely able to unscrew the base of our trays to clean and refresh the spinning mechanism. If you regularly play games with big draw or discard piles like canasta, hand and foot, and many others, you'll appreciate a rotating card holder to keep things organized, moving, and accessible to all players in all seating positions.