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Snake Oil Party Game

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SNAKE OIL: If laughter is the best medicine, then Snake Oil “cures what ails ya!” Bring out your inner snake oil salesman as you pitch your crazy product inventions to wacky customers. FUN GAMEPLAY: Quickly combine two Word Cards from your hand to create a zany new product – Rumor Mirror! Burp Balloon! – and pitch it to the player who is the wacky customer for the round. ANY OCCASION: Birthday parties, holiday parties, family game night, get-togethers with friends. Snake Oil is perfect for any occasion with 3-10 players ages 10+. Gameplay lasts 20-30 minutes. CONTENTS: Includes 340 fun Word Cards and 30 wacky Customer Cards (60 customers). That’s over 6 million unique combinations! Play with any group. Jokes quickly adjust to whoever is playing! AWARD-WINNING: This National Mensa Competition Winner is sure to become a classic. Fast gameplay and simple rules make Snake Oil the perfect party game.