Stat Trackers Core Set


Stat Trackers are the best way for 5th edition DMs to track initiative and have every stat you need for the monsters, player characters, and npcs right at your fingertips. Just hang them over your DM screen and no more flipping through books or clicking on tabs. Everything you need to run the encounter is right in front of you. The core set includes: • 317 pre-printed Monster Trackers ( 201 official 5e monsters and 116 official animals / npcs.) - These trackers were designed by a 30+ year veteran DM to be much easier to use than the actual monster entries. Every single stat, attack, and ability in the entry is on the card. • 50 blank Monster Trackers - add any monsters you want to your set in minutes! • 50 Character Trackers - fill one out for each player character and you'll have their most important info at a glance. No need to ask for their AC, passive perception, skill mods, etc! • Sturdy box with 20 custom alphabetical tabs - for easy filing of all your Stat Trackers. Find any monster, NPC, beast, or PC you need in seconds. Printed on durable card stock and pre-scored for easy folding. You just fold them and place them over the DM screen in initiative order. THE PLAYERS' SIDE has the names of all the combatants. Now everyone at the table can visually track the turn order. THE DM'S SIDE has all the vital stats and information needed for every combatant involved in an easy-to-use format. Each monster, player character, and npc is completely presented for the DM's reference at a glance. No more juggling books, flipping through notes or clicking on tabs. Every stat, attack, special ability, etc. you need is right in front of you, all at once!