Tetris Stax


It’s the tabletop puzzle brainteaser inspired by the classic Tetris Puzzle game!

  • TETRIS TABLETOP TETRIMINO STACKING PUZZLE ! This Tetrimino stacking puzzle is so fun and challenging you won’t want to stop!
  • FEATURES 48 CHALLENGES: Stack your Tetrimino pieces on the provided grid, nesting them so that they fit precisely onto the grid. Each colorful Tetrimino is a unique shape and you’ll have to figure out how to nest them together, just like the Tetris Video Game! 48 different puzzle challenges from beginner to advanced, get ready to challenge yourself! How to play? Use only the Tetrimino pieces shown on the challenge card and complete the puzzle using only those pieces.
  • GREAT FOR TRAVEL! Perfectly sized for on the go fun and portability, complete with a drawstring bag so no pieces are lost!
  • CHALLENGE YOUR MIND: A great pocket-sized brain teaser that will challenge your mind, great for kids, teens and adults who love the Tetris Board Game!


  • 48 challenge cards, 14 tetriminos, travel case, and rules of play