UGears Fidget Gearsmas


Merry Gearsmas! This holiday season, treat the fidgety child or stressed adult in your life to the U-Fidget Gearsmas set of miniature ornament model kits. The Gearsmas holiday model set contains the pieces for you to build four ornamental fidgets "tribiks": A Snowflake, Moon, Snowman, and Bell. Display your finished models on a Christmas tree, in your home office, or at work. Many people find that fidget devices help them to focus when working, relieve stress and anxiety, and get their emotions or thoughts under control. If you enjoy fidget devices, any one of these four fidget models would make the perfect everyday companion fastened to your keychain or stored at your desk. The Gearsmas set contains 36 ready-to-build pieces which require no glue, toothpicks, or tools to be put together. Each model ornament can be built easily in just minutes, giving you the satisfaction of building your own model without the hassle of sticky adhesives, cumbersome tools, or complicated directions. Suitable for ages 5 and above. Number of parts: 36 Level: Easiest Assembly Time: 10 Minutes Recommended Age: 5+