UGears Royal Carriage Limited


Once built, the carriage measures 20.5 x 4.7 x 5.3 inches, including four majestic horses, two passengers, and functioning cab space. Detail is carefully engraved throughout the carriage set, from the silhouetted design of the caps of the animal handlers to the curved spokes of the elegant wheels. The prince and princess are removable to allow space for other royal passengers, including the queen and duke or other characters as needed. The doors, with their beautiful royal emblem, open and close on wooden hinges. Mechanical enthusiasts can peek through the strategic viewing holes to observe the gears that wind up the rubber band motor and allow the carriage to roll on its own. Securing the vehicle's shocks and providing reliable tread even on smooth surfaces are additional rubber bands. The carriage can roll up to 4 meters when fully wound. Number of parts: 290 Level: Intermediate Assembly Time: 4 hours Recommended Age: 14+