Ultimates 2 Vol 2 Grand Theft America


Written by MARK MILLAR
Penciled by BRYAN HITCH
Tony and Natasha are on the eve of their wedding - but when Nick Fury makes his move against the mysterious traitor that's been plaguing the team, the Ultimates will never be the same! Also, Captain America and Wasp hit a serious snag in their relationship. Is this the end for the Ultimate Universe's hottest couple? Is this the beginning of the end for the Ultimates? Despite all the globe-girdling surveillance information and awesome firepower of S.H.I.E.L.D. and its super-powered army, the unthinkable has happened! An unknown enemy with unimaginable power and an unstoppable force of will is at our shores. Will hope rise from the ashes of defeat? Collecting ULTIMATES 2 #7-13.
232 PGS./Parental Advisory ...$19.99
ISBN: 0-7851-1790-3