A new group of vampire vigilantes takes the fight to criminals, but can they fight off their urges for blood?
Who can resist the call of the blood? A group of vigilante vampires have decided to fight crime — while at the same time, waging a desperate war within themselves to reject their own bloodthirsty natures! But when their leader falls, the team finds it nearly impossible to stay together…until a new threat emerges that none of them can face alone! As these strange new heroes make waves across the Marvel Universe, Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Avengers must lend a hand in this struggle for the souls of the soulless!

COLLECTING: Spider-Man: Unforgiven (2022) 1, X-Men: Unforgiven (2022) 1, Avengers: Unforgiven (2022) 1, Blade: Vampire Nation (2022) 1