Venetian Lantern, Bronze


Authentic Models provides furniture, ornaments and objects in painstaking detail. Today, we still remain true to his ethos, while adding contemporary twists which make our pieces fit more pleasingly into modern day surroundings.

Our solid brass candle lantern is a recreation of a 17th Century Renaissance style lantern that you would have found browsing through shops of the Merchants of Venice. Our lantern incorporates medieval oriental design and is made from solid brass. Since the 11 Century, Italian artisans were inspired by exotic oriental design styles. Many creations typical of Renaissance style found their origin in the intricate patterns from classic Islamic civilizations that traded with the Merchants of Venice. Renaissance shoppers craved richly ornamented, high quality products to enjoy and to flaunt as symbols of wealth and 'lofty staus'. A European book on elite manners published in that period states - "It is better to have one unique excellent thing, than 50 that are mediocre".