Wild Cards Now and Then GN


Two heroes revisit a traumatic episode from their past—and learn hard truths in the present—in this original graphic novel set in the Wild Cards universe, where an alien virus mutates some and grants superpowers to others, created by the #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Game of Thrones.
In 1946, an alien virus ravaged the world, its results as random as a hand of cards. Those infected either draw the black queen and die, draw an ace and receive superpowers, or draw the joker and are bizarrely mutated. 

Over a year ago, the U.N.'s Committee for Extraordinary Interventions sent ace heroes Ana Cortez and Kate Brandt—Earth Witch and Curveball—to Brazil to investigate Aurora Mission, a charity that claimed to provide education and medical care for those affected by the Wild Card virus. But local ace and activist Gabriel Silva reported abuses. Ana and Kate helped him get to the truth, which turned out to be far more sinister than anyone expected.

Ana and Kate thought that case was closed, but now, a Brazilian official has questions. Did they do the right thing, or overreach their authority? The case amply demonstrates that, even in a world of incredible powers, there will always be victims.

Written by New York Times bestselling author Carrie Vaughn with art by Eisner-nominated creator Renae DeLiz, this dynamic story gives readers a new look into the Wild Cards universe, and shows how even those with great powers have their limits.