X-Men Blood of Apocalypse


In the wake of the Decimation, with the mutant race reduced to extinction levels, how do the X-Men pick up the pieces in a world that has completely changed? A Sentinel arrival and a sneak attack forces the weakened X-Men to re-evaluate who their friends are…and to align themselves with former enemies?! For when his people need him the most, Apocalypse shall return! Cable can see the signs — but can he and Deadpool stop it from happening? Do they even want to? As Apocalypse rises again to lead mutantkind into the future, only the strongest will survive! But just wait until you see En Sabah Nur’s new Horsemen! Will the blood of Apocalypse contain salvation — or damnation? Peter Milligan (X-STATIX) completes his memorable X-Men run! COLLECTING: Cable & Deadpool (2004) 26-27, X-Men (1991) 177-187