Age: 10 Years and Up Number of Players: 2-4 Players Playing Time: 75 Minutes A medieval, economic resource management game that is the perfect mix of challenging and fun! Following the call of the gods, your people strike out to settle at the foot of Mount Meduris. The mountain is dedicated to the most important of the Celtic gods and has fertile soil and plenty of raw materials awaiting brave settlers. The fields are full of juicy grass for sheep, and there are quarries, mines and dense forests. The area at the foot of the mountain is divided into nine districts, whose rune stones indicate the worship of various gods. As the four chosen ones, it is your task to develop the settlements and delight the gods. Your workers obtain the materials for constructing huts and temples on the high plains of the mountain. Only a player who obtains enough materials, cleverly selected the site of their huts and temples and gains the mercy of the gods by making offerings to the druid will be selected as leader of the tribe. Contents:4 scorekeepers, 8 temples, 40 huts, 9 rune statues, 10 workers, 1 druid, 72 material chips, 6 bonus chips, 4 100-point ships, 1 die, 1 double-sided game board, 4 screens